Synapse Wireless continuously strives to deliver robust and comprehensive IoT products, IoT development tools, IoT technology and IoT application solutions to its customers. Synapse's dedication to the relentless pursuit of inventing, producing, and deploying high-quality IoT hardware components and software into the marketplace has earned the company recognition on a global scale.

Since its founding in 2007, Synapse's products and technology have been nominated for and/or won many diverse IoT and M2M recognitions including, but not limited to, receiving honors for Smart Agriculture solutions, Sensor Applications, Solar Energy Monitoring,  Product Innovation, and most recently, several Wireless Lighting Controls Awards.

We are proud to provide a list of some of our most recent IoT and connected device industry achievements below.

  • SimplySNAP Smart Lighting Solution Receives IES Merit Award

    Synapse Wireless was recognized for its SimplySNAP smart lighting solution installation at a hockey arena in Canada.  When the Canadian town decided to upgrade to LED lighting in its most used facility, they opted to enhance the energy savings by adding smart lighting controls.  With SimplySNAP, the facility managers are able to program the lights for different events that take place in the popular arena.  The events range from hockey games to school dances to town meetings to graduation ceremonies.  SimplySNAP enables lighting control at the granular level which supports the facility's many (and varied) lighting needs, such as spotlights, dim lights, special effects and more.  IES is an esteemed organization with over a 100-year history focusing on the engineering aspects of lighting and illumination. 

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