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“By utilizing Synapse’s wireless technology, our new wiHUBB® Wireless Distributed Lighting Control System (operating on a SNAP network in the 900 MHz band) makes the installation and maintenance of energy saving lighting controls in new construction and retrofits simple and painless.”

- Scott Muse, President of Hubbell Lighting

“The SNAP modules were inside the disk hubs on the costumes of all the main characters in the movie TRON: Legacy—Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, Jeff Bridges—and the SNAP module allowed me to turn the costume lighting on and off, as well as providing telemetry confirming suit on/off status, brightness, battery voltage, operational temperature, resettable battery runtime, and non-volatile total suit runtime. The SNAP modules worked terrifically well for me and I plan to use them on a lot more projects. In motion picture and special effects applications, parts’ cost is seldom the most important criteria, far behind dependability and flexibility: the advantage of being able to wirelessly control and reprogram on the fly with SNAP is a tremendous advantage.”

- Alan McFarland, CTO of lighting technology company Nila Inc.

For several years Future has invested significant capital and resources into building a new organization that brings together synergistic partners to build integrated solutions in conjunction with their customers. “Synapse now completes a key phase in this long term strategy, especially for the energy and lighting markets. Synapse's wireless technology, called SNAP, is the critical glue that provides a complete, wireless control and monitoring solution for today’s complex machine-to-machine networks, and will tie together our advanced offerings.”

- Frantz Saintellemy, Corporate Vice-President, WW Advanced Engineering Group and Chief Technical Officer at Future Electronics

"Having local technical expertise is key when engaging companies seeking to embed advanced wireless technology in their products. We chose Synapse Wireless because SNAP, their Internet-enabled, network operating system is years ahead of anything comparable - and it simply works - with fast and easy implementation for our customers."

- Phil Ashton, Director and co-founder of Line One Sales Ltd., UK

"Panasonic has entered into a license agreement with Synapse to form a strategic relationship that will bring our mutual customers the power, the flexibility and the reliability of Synapse's SNAP network to Panasonic's wide line of RF modules. We are very excited about our collaboration with Synapse as we believe SNAP is the best software standard for Personal Area Networks. The recent introduction of our PAN4561 and PAN4566 RF Modules truly underscored Panasonic's industry leadership by offering cutting edge, best-in-class RF module solutions. Combined with Synapse's SNAP technology, we have now broadened the horizons even further for a wide variety of industries looking to create wireless solutions in their respective markets."

- Richard Trueman, Senior Product Manager, Panasonic Industrial Company

“The EK2500 kit is downright impressive.  With all honesty, I can say that it’s the most intuitive and valuable out-of-the-box wireless development product our team has seen – and we’ve seen quite a few.  I’m looking for as many excuses as I can to spend more of my personal time working with it.”

- Alex Edrington, VP Engineering, AdaptivEnergy

"The bottom line is that I'm impressed," Tom concluded. "Synapse deserves credit for thinking outside the box and delivering a unique solution that integrates every aspect of an embedded wireless project."

A concern for many companies is getting locked into a sole source for hardware."Not so with SNAP," explains Tom. "...interestingly (and, I'd say, wisely) they're more than willing to get SNAP up and running on other vendors' hardware."The Synapse RF Engines use a Freescale microcontroller and radio. Tom took a California Eastern Labs (CEL) module using different components but loaded with SNAP, and added it to his network. "Time to run a little interoperability test and ta-da, everything worked as advertised," said Tom. "Synapse will even help you get it running on your own hardware if that makes sense."

- Tom Cantrell, Circuit Cellar Magazine

"Synapse utilizes a scripting language that makes it easy for the non-professional programmer to pull together programs that will wirelessly monitor the environment and control equipment. More importantly, SNAP completely eliminates the need to touch any of the intricate wireless networking protocols -- they simply work in the background. This should attract industrial applications that might otherwise be hesitant to take advantage of the benefits of digital control and wireless mesh networks. The simplicity of SNAP may mean that the promise of 802.15.4 can finally be realized. You no longer have to be a network expert to make use of wireless technology, and can develop an application in a matter of days. Why, it's so easy even an analyst can do it."

- Tom Starnes, Processor Analyst, Objective Analysis

"The Synapse Evaluation Kit is great - it's easy to use and you get an instant, fully-functioning mesh network right out of the box. In fact, to be honest with you, it was my 12-year old son who set it up; he read the quick-start instructions, added the batteries, powered everything up, and said 'Dad, come and look at this.' I was absolutely amazed!"

- Andy Griffis, CEO, StrongWatch Sensor

“Synapse’s SNAP technology was much better than any ZigBee solution we tried, especially in terms of signal strength and reliability. But the key selling point was their wireless development environment that made it fast and flexible to create applications.” 

- David Gonzalez, Director, Platform Architecture, Inovus Solar, Inc.

“If people can trust Synapse’s SNAP technology to fire off split-second explosives with life or death critical timing, what could you not trust it with.”

- Scott Smith, President, Cobra Firing Systems

Arrow has joined with Synapse because their SNAP wireless network operating system can run on any computing platform, from tiny embedded controllers, to modules to notebook and desktop computers all the way up to cloud servers. One of the key features of SNAP is that it performs full mesh routing using any and all available communications interfaces.  Protocols such as IEEE 802.15.4, WiFi, TCP/IP, Ethernet, USB, RS232, RS485 and so forth can all run SNAP.  SNAP enabled devices start pinging and simply integrate themselves into a self-forming and self-healing network.  The enabled devices perform full peer-to-peer mesh routing thereby giving great redundancy coverage should one node fail.

- David West, Vice President of Americas Semiconductor Marketing at Arrow

We are seeing increased demand for reliable wireless technology in a growing number of markets. Synapse's SNAP technology offers customers a fast track to market with dependable network software, certified RF components and complete system solutions. We are excited to provide Synapse Wireless products to our growing global customer base.

- Mark Zack, vice president of semiconductors, Digi-Key Corporation

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