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Synapse's SNAP Technology Lights Up TRON: Legacy

“We would be in the middle of this extraordinary giant set,” said Olivia Wilde, TRON actress, “and they’d say, ‘Turn on the suits!’ And suddenly you’d hear, ‘Bling!’ And everyone would start glowing.”

In the recent science fiction film, TRON: Legacy, the directors wanted to create a world where light helped identify good from evil – that the actors themselves could be costumed in this light. These costumes needed to be controlled such that the lighting would change to illuminate the desired affects of mood, action and plot as the story unfolded. The challenges were significant for Alan McFarland, CTO for Nita and specialists in film and television lighting. How to remotely control the lighting in the actor’s suits? And with the heat generated by the light’s power source, how to protect the actors and monitor their well-being during the film’s shooting?

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Wireless thermostats a cool solution for buildings

"We've literally spent the past 10 years looking to go wireless. Synapse and its products have satisfied all of our requirements from technical support through system integration."

A perfect example of remote HVAC monitoring and control is the Net/X family from the NetworkThermostat company, which specializes at retrofitting existing facilities. The original Net/X family members were based on wired network technologies, but it was obvious to Jerry Dew, the President and CEO of NetworkThermostat, that many installations would benefit from a wireless solution.

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In the Search for Oil a new Treasure Found: SNAP

A perfect example of a seismic data acquisition application is the field-proven Sigma Cableless Acquisition System from Seismic Source -based on off-the-shelf SNAP-enabled wireless modules.

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Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place!

"...we could have reduced all of that effort to just six weeks with the Synapse development tools and wireless technology!"

"Creating wireless network monitoring and control systems is not as easy as many wireless vendors like to imply," says Mike Kranz, Director of R&D at the Huntsville, Alabama facility of Stanley Associates. "We lost almost two years trying to get so-called 'off-the-shelf' solutions to work before we realized that Synapse could provide the technology and solutions we required."

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Lightning Fast Results - American Airlines

"Our ramp personnel are protected from lightning, and it's all due to Synapse's monitoring and control wireless mesh network technology."

All that was required was the ability to flash some lights to alert airline personnel working outdoors as to the possibility of imminent lightning strikes. Nothing seemed capable of addressing the situation's unique requirements until Synapse Wireless solved the problem with its easy-to-deploy, wireless control and monitoring mesh network technology.

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