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Every millisecond plays a critical role in preventing arc faults. Those lasting just 500 milliseconds often result in severe damage to the installed unit. 

The Synapse Solar Gateway detects and interrupts arc faults resulting from a failure in the connection, conductor, module, or other system component in the dc PV source and output circuits. Additionally, it disables or disconnects the system component within the arcing circuit. The system is designed for scalability, accommodating 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, and 32 string solutions.

With the Synapse Solar Gateway, you will be able to detect and interrupt arcing faults, disable or disconnect the inverters or charge components connected to the fault circuit or the system components within the arcing circuit. This groundbreaking development aims to reduce the fires, burns, and other damages associated with faulty power system operations— all by advances in wireless technology.

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