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Synapse RF Engines

Synapse offers a wide range of wireless modules that have been especially designed for ease of use and to speed up your product design time. Synapse designs modules with great care to ensure the best range possible. In addition to power amps to increase the transmit power we also use receive amps to provide 10 dBm additional link margin.  We are also very careful to ensure that the maximum RF energy gets to the antenna instead of being wasted with poor antenna matching.

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Our Through-Hole Modules can be interchanged so that you can see how your project works at 2.4 GHz and then try it at 900 MHz using the same base board design.

Synapse's modules offer a broad range of computing performance. From the entry level 8051 CPU all the way up to an ARM7 CPU, you have plenty of options regarding compute speed as well as available memory sizes. A SNAP Mark™ score showing the number of SNAP Python instructions per second gives you an idea of the relative performance of each of these CPU's.

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