SNAPconnect is a Python package allowing developers to pull native SNAP-network interactions into their custom Python programs. It enables direct RPC communications with your network for gathering data and issuing commands within your custom Python application. This makes SNAPconnect ideal for use during manufacturing/programming procedures, automated test processes, or the commissioning and deployment of your solution. Since SNAPconnect is paired with the full Python language, you can easily perform other tasks such as interfacing to databases, creating graphical interfaces, or interacting with IoT and cloud platforms over the internet. 

SNAPconnect can be utilized on any computing platform supporting Python 2.7 – including all Synapse SNAPconnect gateways, 3rd party gateways, or your PC. Learn more about SNAPconnect.

SNAPconnect Futures is an additional library that can be paired with SNAPconnect to provides reliable asynchronous communications with SNAP-based networks.