Wireless Lighting Controllers

Control begins with the Synapse DIM10 series of lighting controllers. Installed at the light itself, the wireless controller houses a SNAP node that wirelessly networks with every other node to form a resilient, self-healing, sense-and-respond, encrypted communications infrastructure. Controllers are flexible enough for retrofit installation and provide dimming controls and true on/off with an onboard relay — not to mention optional power monitoring functions.

Designed to interface with either Synapse or third-party sensor components, the devices enhance traditional functionality and make it faster and easier to install and commission your indoor or outdoor lighting system.

Engineered to incorporate adaptable functionality that is easily modified to support the changing energy efficiency requirements and regulations, the DIM10 series of controllers can operate on a local network or via the cloud. Whether you are looking to control individual fixtures or a bank of lights within a new or existing commercial structure, Synapse has a wireless lighting controller that will fit your needs.

The DIM10-100-00 is ideal for indoor linear applications. Its compact design provides a wide range of robust controlling features, including scheduling, dimming, and more.

The DIM10-150-00 designed for both indoor and outdoor installations, this rugged controller is easy to install and supports both 0-10V and PWM dimming.

The DIM10-250-11 is the newest in the family of lighting controllers and is our most feature-rich product yet. This advanced design provides real-time, utility-grade power monitoring with additional 24V input and output power to connect standard sensors into our wireless network.

Input Power100 to 277 VAC 50/60Hz100 to 277 VAC 50/60Hz100 to 277 VAC 50/60Hz
Power MeasurementN/AN/A100 to 277 VAC 60/60Hz 2% Accuracy Voltage, Current, KWH
Sensor InputN/AN/A24V Motion 10V Photo Cell
Operating Temperature-20°C to +60°C-40°C to +60°C-40°C to 60°C
Dimming0–10V; 30mA Max, source or sync Class 10–10V; 30mA Max, source or sync Class 20–10V; 30mA Max, source or sync Class 2
Radio2.4 GHz ; 802.15.4 +20 dBm Transmit Power -103 dBm Receive Sensitivity2.4 GHz +15 dBm Transmit Power2.4 GHz ; 802.15.4 +20 dBm Transmit Power -103 dBm Receive Sensitivity
CertificationsUL, FCCUL Listed FCC Part 15UL, FCC
Warranty3 years5 years3 years
Power OutputN/AN/A24V

Contact our Lighting team today to learn more about how Synapse Wireless can design a solution to meet your facility’s needs. For additional resources and education, please view our supporting documentation and videos.


  • Control widest range of LED drivers and fixtures
  • Compact, rugged, and easy to install
  • Flexible dimming and true on/off functionality
  • Scalable from individual fixture control to bank control of lights
  • On-site or cloud-interface enabled
  • Architecture supports both new construction and retrofit installations
  • Secure, over-the-air upgrades to support future modifications to energy standards


  • True on/off feature boosts Energy Savings
  • Granular control of each individual fixture
  • Strong, reliable signal strength
  • Flexible installation options
  • Robust mesh network ensures no single point of failure

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