SNAP Prototyping Board | access RF Engine inputs and outputs | RS-232 port, full hardware flow control (UART1) -

SNAP ProtoBoard

Prototyping Board - easy access to all of the RF Engine's inputs and outputs

  • Compatible with all Synapse RF
    Engine modules
  • Terminal blocks bring out all RF Engine pins and Vext (supply power)
  • RS-232 port with full hardware flow control (UART1) fully jumper selectable, can be completely “removed” from system
  • 2 status LEDs, yellow and green—can be disabled by jumper
  • Push-button switch, can be jumpered to Reset, GPIO, or disabled
  • Battery connector or power regulator option
  • 2x12, 2mm pitch header for ribboncable access to all RF Engine pins

Powered by any of the SNAP RF Engine Modules, this prototyping board provides easy access to all of the RF Engine's inputs and outputs. Like all SNAP® Nodes, the ProtoBoard provides peer-to-peer mesh networking capabilities and it may serve as a bridge to the Synapse Portal® and/or SNAP Connect running on your PC.

As soon as you power-up the ProtoBoard with your choice of RF Engine, it immediately integrates itself into the network. Using Synapse Portal, applications can be created quickly and concisely in a high-level English-like language called Python and then downloaded to the ProtoBoard wirelessly for autonomous operation. No embedded programming experience is required. Sample application scripts, like GPS examples and others, come standard with Portal, the wireless application development environment.

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