SNAP Lighting Cloud Service, Manage Lighting over the Internet for Commercial Buildings -

SNAP Lighting Cloud Service web site provides secure, remote access to your intelligent lighting system wherever an Internet connection is present. As part of the SNAP Lighting Cloud Service, you can control and monitor indoor or outdoor lighting applications from your browser or cell phone.

  • Monitor and control a building's lighting system from anywhere at any time
  • Each light can be controlled from a desktop PC or mobile device
  • Entire groups of lights can be managed through scene or group controls
  • Invoke sensors to adjust artificial lighting based on natural lighting conditions
  • Timed switching can yield energy savings by controlling lights based on a schedule
  • Occupancy sensors manage the exceptions in individual areas
  • 1st year is free; 2nd year is $100/year

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1st year is free; 2nd year is $100/year

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